June 20, 2009















3 Responses to “One”

  1. According to Bow Wow’s who is ciara dating 106 & Park interview, he and Ciara are history and I think who is ciara dating that she may have been the one to end things because he seemed a little bitter about it. I don’t know who she is dating now. That photo of her on Nelly’s bedside on that Over and Over Again video did cause me to think of the possibility of a relationship between Nelly & Ciara but it was after that that she went public with her relationship with Bow Wow. Yesterday on 106 & Park, Lil Fizz (formerly of B2K) hinted that he would be interested in dating Ciara. Rocsi was sure to call him out on that. Ciara is probably weighing her options and playing it cool right now. She may not who is ciara dating be dating anyone.

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    Never ever announce that you are a who is prince harry dating busy woman and obsessive about your job. Most men would not prefer to play second fiddle to a woman’s career and some can who is raven symone dating be intimidated by it. They want to be who is chelsea handler dating pampered by a woman. They would want to be more powerful than her when it comes to earning capacity. Men who usually go online are also too busy to go into the complications of blind dates and are more interested to listen to a woman’s opinion. And the last but not the least dating advice is – have fun and don’t forget to make the most out of your time…who knows, maybe your soul mate is just a click away.

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